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Whiten Up, Michael

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

One of the saddest stories I’ve seen in months came out today. It confirmed that Michael Jackson had over two dozen tubes of skin whitening cream hidden in his closet at the time of his death. The confirmation was made when previously-sealed search warrants were opened in Los Angeles.

The world already saw the grotesque, plastic surgery that resulted in the loss of his nose.  We already knew of his addiction to the pain-killing drugs that eventually killed him. And now we learn the man hated the color of his own skin. How much do you have to hate yourself to disgustingly disfigure the face with which you were born and try to change your skin color?

Many people reading this will say, “Oh, too bad. The guy was a child molester.  He got what he deserved.”

Maybe.  But it still makes me sad that the world’s most talented and loved pop legend, hated himself.