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Guaranteed Earworm Free:

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Margaret Explosion is a group that’s been called “one of the most exciting bands in Rochester” by a music critic for our largest newspaper.  That’s saying something for a town that’s filled with numerous bands and the Eastman School of Music.

The group plays every Wednesday night at the Little Cafe on East Avenue starting at about 7:00 pm.  At the door, say “Franco sent me” and there won’t be a cover charge – really!

Their newest album (pictured above) could be misleading because Margaret Explosion’s music is layed back, classy, creative jazz – or something.  It’s hard to describe – so here’s a link for their Free Download page of live recordings:

There was a rumor Margaret Explosion was asked to play at one of Obama’s Inaugural Balls but they politely turned down the invitation.

FLEET – Shove This Guy!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Meet ENEMAN- Fleet Enema’s spokes character. Yes, puzzled observers, it’s a man dressed up like an enema container, with feet. Although he’s not seen on TV (thankfully) he does make appearances at store openings, sporting events, and (possibly) alternative sex meetings.

Who’s the distinguished actor inside the costume? Fleet won’t say – butt one suspects it is not Dustin Hoffman.