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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

About two or three times a year, I see a thong or panties casually lying on a sidewalk or in a parking lot.  My mind spins.  I imagine a beautiful woman, in the heat of a passionate moment, tearing them from her body, tossing them out the open car window, and immediately resuming whatever hot activity in which she was engaged with whomever or by herself.

My lovers told me I have one hell of an imagination and “dream on”.  But at least I didn’t pick up the lingerie or anything.  You might not be so lucky.

Recently MSNBC did an investigative “undercover” story about women returning — USED underwear to the store from which they were purchased.  Say what?  — USED, flimsy intimate garments back on those padded hangers?  You’ve got it, Skippy – — USED underwear!  In ongoing tests, the news group put various chemicals and stains on the delicates and tried to exchange them or get their money back.  In many cases they were successful.

Not all women were totally grossed out.  The reason?  Many ladies said they wash new undies BEFORE they put them on – right out of the package.  Some said it was because of chemicals or dyes – but many said they were just “making sure.”

Making sure of what?  Perverted garment makers wearing the damn things before slipping them into the packaging machine?  Intimate product tampering?  Package fondling by over sexed women or their under sexed lovers?

Maybe the US Consumer Product Safety Commission could put a warning label on thongs and panties: “WARNING: Be Careful Before Putting This Garment On.”  Of course  a more appropriate message would be: “WARNING: Be Careful After  Taking This Garment Off.”