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What Sad, Empty Lives You Must Live

Friday, February 19th, 2010

NBC News was all atwitter.  SPECIAL REPORT – BREAKING NEWS!  Was there another terrorist attack?  An airline crash?  Have we stopped the wars?  Nope – more important:  Tiger Woods came before the cameras publicly confessing his adultery.  He might as well have had a flashing, red-neon “A” embedded in his forehead.

Then all the analysis began by grown suits with serious looks on their faces.  “Was he sincere?”, “Will America accept him again?”, “Will his former sponsers come back?”  Did   Tiger “break America’s heart?”  as one annoying, babbler whined.  I have a response to that:


Celebrity worship is a dangerous game.  Was Tiger a role model for kids?  That’s way    too bad.  When I was a kid, my Dad was my role model.  I didn’t have to make him into something he wasn’t and I was never disappointed.  I know lots of kids today don’t have family role models.  But they have teachers and coaches and church leaders who would love to be appreciated for what they do – even if they don’t earn $50-million a year.

America was not at her best today.  We never are when we worship sports stars, movie idols, and tabloid smiley faces.  We just become a larger version of the old bitch down the street whose day isn’t complete until she says something bad about someone she knows.