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Put This In Your Pipe…..

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

First of all, I support smoking rights and I’ve never smoked a cigarette.  I hate when the government tells me it knows better than I,  how I should live my life.  Second-hand smoke?  There’s as much controversy on this as there is on global warming.  I think both  are exaggerated.

The government wants to safeguard your health?  What a pants load that is.  The government wants more tax dollars to pay for its bloated budgets and  breaks for special interest campaign contributors.  And when it comes to taxes, nobody does it better than New York.

New York Legislators are now kicking around a new tax that would add lots of pennies to sugary drinks – it’s called the “sugar tax”.  Virtually all soft drinks here will cost more with the additional fee per bottle.  The official line of crap?  “Too many of our children are obese –  we want them to limit their soft drink intake”.  Right.

Do more taxes – which have skyrocketed the cost of a brand name pack of cigarettes to about $9 – work to curb peoples’ behavior?

According to an annual Gallup poll, the rate of smoking adults in the US is about 20%.  It’s remained constant for many years. Imagine years of draconian taxes, disgusting commercials we must all watch, and the vilification of people who smoke – with no measurable “positive”  results.

Who else but the government could pull off a scam like that?  People should remember that “sin” taxes just don’t penalize the “sinners” – they penalize all of us who believe in individual rights.