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An Old Friend for Christmas

Thursday, December 10th, 2009


There are millions of older Americans who live alone and need someone to love.  You may be a son or daughter, a niece or nephew – anyone who wishes you could visit this senior more but don’t have the time – and you feel a little bad about it.

For this special person, I hope you’ll consider a Christmas gift of an older cat.  Older cats don’t scratch the furniture, or run around like nuts, or take leaps at the Christmas tree.  Older cats are only good to lie on someone’s lap, to be hugged in the day, and to sleep with “their” person at night.

Chances are they’re already fixed and are used to being around people.  They don’t have to go outside – in fact, they shouldn’t go outside.  Most people who are new to cats are surprised at how easy they are to care for.  Unlike the silly myths, most cats are very affectionate and crave human attention.

So it seems to me, this could be a perfect match – a senior citizen who needs a friend and a lonely friend who once lived with a family and is now sitting in a cage at your local animal shelter.

Won’t you please consider this very special Christmas gift for someone you love?  If things somehow don’t work out, you can always return the cat to the shelter.  But I’m told over 90% of older cats who are placed in loving homes, never go back.  They’ve found a loving friend whose life is now richer with someone to love.  These friends are valuable to each other because each can satisfy the others need.

And isn’t love and family what Christmas is all about?

Gaetano & Serafina, 1911

Thursday, December 10th, 2009


My Grandparents getting married in 1911. After this photograph was taken, they returned to the set of “The Godfather.” Note the white gloves on the Groom and his Best Man. This was an old family tradition: NO FINGERPRINTS.