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Wait Until You See Her Encore!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


Meet Ursula Martinez. She’s a London based writer, performer and cult cabaret diva who began her career in experimental theatre. In the mid 90’s, Ursula began performing solo on the London club/cabaret circuit and very quickly made a name for herself.

One of her performance art characters is the ‘Strippin’ Magician’. Whew!! This show is rated “R” so I know you kids will want to get right to it.

Goodbye, Afghanisnam.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


Can’t believe it will happen again, can you America?  Can’t believe that with all the “intelligence” in Washington, all the new plans, strategies, and timetables, the confident generals, the added  troops, the coalition forces, the “approved” governments, and everything else in place – you can’t believe the whole thing can crash and just leave a puddle of blood, death, chaos, and hatred, can you?

I’m telling you, in Afghanistan, it not only can happen – it will happen.

Along with millions of other protesters, I said the same thing in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s about the war in Vietnam.  All the signs were there. But many more million Americans “believed” what the government  told them about the war; just as most people will believe Obama’s  babble tonight.

The sad picture above was taken on April 29, 1975, the fall of Saigon – and the end of the war in Vietnam for the United States.  Not surprisingly, less than a month before, the US Departments of Defense and State told us the strategy of turning control of the fighting over to the South Vietnamese was going according to plan. I guess the North Vietnamese Army didn’t get the memo.

This will be my last post or comment on the wars for at least a year – probably forever.  I’ve done my part – I’m tired of the whole thing. Nothing from me will ever again be misconstrued to be disrespectful to our brave fighting forces.

I’ve never expressed strong views on Obama’s stimulus package,  bank buy outs, or plans for national health care.  These issues are terribly complex and I really don’t know what to expect for outcomes.  But I do know the outcomes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be disasters of tragic proportions.

Actually, I’ve rarely been more sure of anything in my life – nor sorrier I will not be wrong.

War Costs to Date – US TROOPS DEAD: 4367 Iraq  // 929 Afghanistan COST: $938+ BILLION DOLLARS

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Tomorrow: The Magic of the Very Nude Ursula Martinez