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Birthers: Get It RIGHT. O’Bama is Irish!

Monday, November 9th, 2009


He’s been in office a year and Neo-Nasties have been whining about a lot of Barrack O’Bama issues. The dumbest?  Where was he born? Kenya? Hawaii? The Moon? Who knows?  More importantly, who cares?

It seems Rush of Flatulence and Glenn of Tears have wasted more air time on this non-issue than health care, the clunkers program, and Michelle O’Bama’s shorts combined.  They really need some adult supervision on those shows.

Tuesday the Cat was Googling “Costumes” before Halloween and came across this photo from Chad Theatrical. She immediately pawed it out to me. OK, O’Bama. But when you look at it upside down – from the right – the buttons clearly say “Born in Ireland, Stupid!”

Now how many of you “Right-as-Rain” folks just tilted your heads back to their upRIGHT positions?  You see – you’re PARANOID and won’t take my word for it!

Why would I listen to Tuesday the Cat?  If the choice comes down to Tuesday or the choices above, I’ll pick my cat.