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“Roger – Where Did Minneapolis Go?”

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


You know how it is with best buds sometimes.  You get to talking about the good times – the fun times – all the laughs.  You’re both relaxed.  You turn down the annoying static squawks from Flight Control and sit back a bit. The lights are already low and the muffled roar of the engines is telling you to relax – enjoy the flight – everything’s fine.  A little soft music drifts in the background.

“Is the door locked?”

“Roger.” (Smile).

(Long period of silence.)

“Hey, remember that time on Fire Island when we were so plastered we dropped the key through the grate and went pounding on doors at 4:00 AM?”

“Oh yeh!  Or that party on Key West when that “guy” said she was sure you were the pilot on the flight to Florida – but you said it was your brother?!”

“Remember when we spilled that garlic pesto sauce into the fly stick?”

(Loud laughter).

(Loong period of silence).


“We’ve been through it all, honey.  I luvya, man.”

“We should probably start that landing pattern crap now,  right?”


“Oh, SHIT………….”