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Mugs, Drugs, Slugs, and Thugs

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009


If  it wasn’t for the media, I would be guilty of ignorant stereotyping.  If you only see one segment of a minority again and again, you’ll probably just assume “they” are all like that.

On weekends, I’m a part-time Doorman for the large apartment building in which I lived for 35 years.  It’s actually kind of fun and I get to see most of our residents whom I like a lot.  Many of them are Black and most have children.

Every Sunday morning, many of these families go to church and I’m always impressed with how they look and act.  The elevators open and out walk well-dressed, polite children accompanied by their parents.

“Good morning, Good morning, Mr. Frank, Good morning, beautiful day,” they pleasantly say. The kids rarely need to be prompted to say, “Thank you” if I open the door or compliment them on what they’re wearing. It reminds me of the Obama family when they’re pictured together.  If  I’m not on my guard, I could be pleasantly lulled into thinking all Black folks are like this.

But thank goodness for the media!  At least once a week they flash the face of some low-life loser who happens to be Black.  And if I need any help remembering that all Black folk aren’t like the ones around me every weekend, on comes Maury Povitch and the screen is filled with some gangsta-wannabe who’s pollinating his neighborhood like a brain-damaged bee.

What do all these Black people have in common?  Well…..uh, they’re all Black. But then again, so are my Cats.