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My Pin Number? XXXX

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009


You just can’t think too much if you don’t want to go crazy on this planet. Every time I use my ATM card, the machine asks for my pin number.  When I type in the four digits, it shows “XXXX” and then asks “Is this your pin number?” Two choices: Yes or No.

Well of course XXXX isn’t my pin number but if I press “no” I’ve got to reinsert the card and start all over again. And I must keep inserting my card until I answer “Yes”.  In other words, I’ve got to lie to the ATM  to get my own money on which the machine will charge me a hefty fee which might be exceeded by the additional fee my bank will charge me because I didn’t use their ATM.

Once I overdrew my ATM account and knew I had to pay the overdraft fee of $35.00 plus the $3.75 the bank kicked in to prove to my retailer that I wasn’t just a disgusting slug who couldn’t pay his bill.

I went to the bank to pay my penalty.

“That will be $73.75,” chirped the young ditz who “manned” the window.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked.

“$73.75 to satisfy your account,” she said. “That’s a $3.75 overdraft plus 2 penalty charges of $35.00.”

“I only made one transaction,” I said.

“Well, to our bank, it’s two transactions.  $35.00 for the overdraft and another $35.00 because you overdrew your account again with the ATM transaction fee.”

I didn’t say anything.  I just glared and seethed silently. I’ve found glaring and seething coupled with heavy breathing and silence is an effective reaction in situations like these.  In any case, I doubted if  I could hoist myself over the counter with the bulletproof glass and beat the lady until the police came anyway.

She seemed to sense I wasn’t a satisfied customer.  She went to the manager and he lifted the 2nd $35.00 with few words.  Ms. Teller seemed relieved to be able to tell me this.

I paid the reduced penalty and walked outside the bank with an idea.  I walked up to their ATM and inserted my card.  When it asked for my pin number,  I typed “XXXX”.  The friggin’ machine shot out my card so fast I thought it would hit the ground.

Maybe next time I’ll use an old retailer card – with Crazy Glue.