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Believe Half of What You See…

Sunday, October 11th, 2009


and NOTHING of What You Hear or Read!

Remember my “Where Do We Blow Now” post?  Interesting point about senior citizens and the damage they can afflict on themselves from coughing into the crooks of their arms?  And the sources were impeccable.  The British Medical Journal – a comment from the CDC saying they weren’t ready to comment.

There’s just one problem with that post:  it’s  absolute bullshit.  I made up every word. Now why would I do that?  Simply, to remind you of the lesson above.

In a week or two, we’ll hear President Obama’s decision on the troop level in Afghanvietnam.  Loyal readers don’t have to wait – I’ll tell it to you right now.

It’s already been leaked that a complete pull-out is “off the table” – so forget that one, kids (even though it’s the only one that makes sense to me).

General McCrystal, leader of American forces in that rathole, has requested 40,000 additional troops. Supposedly, it was “leaked” to the press (read the rule above, again).

“President Peace Prize” is certainly not going to be a tool of the military-industrial complex – but he’ll allow 20,000 more troops to escalate the war. And then everyone will be happy!

The military will be happy – they probably needed only 20,000 more troops but asked for double that as a bargaining chip.

The liberals will be happy because the President is not giving in to just any old war build-up.  And say, didn’t O just announce a ban on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” gay military policy?  What a liberal guy!

The conservatives will be happy because most of them never met a war they didn’t like and O is leading us past (waaaay past!) the nine years of the war time-table (McCrystal thinks it will take at least TEN MORE years).

And the American people are happy because we’re getting a new strategy named “Restraint” which, I guess means,  if the nasty Taliban kill a few of our troops, we’re suppose to make nice with the villagers who are having trouble deciding who’s worse for them.

Everybody’s happy!  Except the families of troops killed in this hopeless war.  And me.  Oh, never mind.