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Sad Neo-Nasty Tactic #4: Junk Flood

Monday, October 5th, 2009


Junk Flooding blog sites is a favorite tactic of ‘extremists-exposed’ from both the right and the left. Yesterday I accused right wing-nut nasties of filling the D&C’s columns with continuous blogs of Obama-hating nitwittery. Today we see at least 5 posts of hilarity entitled,No..I have not died nor am I hiding!!!from “dilligas” (hatless) and a local friend.

I’m more than a little suspicious.  I haven’t heard of “dilligas” before and his strong advocacy of the Buffalo Bills with a stunning tribute to their “almost-fired” head coach leads me to believe that if this were a REAL poster, his IP address would come from an institution for the criminally insane.

It’s funny but a little sad.

I’d like to say two things:

1. There ARE reasonable posters who have legitimate gripes against Obama and his policies concerning his wars, his stimulus package, his health care plan, etc. I AM ONE OF THEM! These “faux posts” do not represent us.

2. I’d like to CHALLENGE these whack jobs (i.e. Dilligas) to a “Truth Contest”.  D.,  if you will publicly say “I have never posted in the D&C under a different name” and have Max Anderson, the D&C Blogs editor, confirm that, I WILL NEVER AGAIN POST A BLOG in the D&C.

This will be very simple if you are a legitimate sports fans worshiping the Bills or Nascar.  If you are not, I think you should crawl away again.

C’mon kid, let’s ROCK!