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Neo-Nasty Tactics & a Visual Aid

Sunday, October 4th, 2009


Well, golly. It seems I’m not making too many friends on the right wing-nut front with my stands against the dumb wars in Iraq and Afghanvietnam.  And, of course,  I have few friends on the left wing-nut front with my positions on making English the official language of America, closing our borders to illegal aliens, and my lack of enthusiasm for “saving the earth” (“The rain forest?  Who cares? Pave it with wood chips from Sequoias and make it a parking lot. We’re all going to melt soon anyway.”)

I’ve been called a few names lately too. A “thing” and “intellectually inferior” from the right and a “neo-nazi” from the left. These shouters should know throughout my life I’ve been called much worse and insulted by people far better than they are. Gosh – at least my cats – both here and in California like me. (Hi, Tuesday! Hi Wednesday!)

On the “left coast” (the land of fruits and nuts) the “Libs,” (as my good buddy Rush of Flatulence calls them) are the bullies.  Here in Rochester, the “Neo-Nasties” seem to make the most noise, are less pleasant to be around, and have the most saliva hanging from their mouths after spitting out another anti-Obama rant.

What evidence do I have that neo-nasties are louder, ruder, and less civilized here?  Take a look (and here comes the visual aid) at the “Most Recommended Blogs” in our local newpaper, the Democrat & Chronicle.  Here you’ll see (as I write this Sunday night) 8 out of the 10 blogs are filled with right-wing, snarling, anti-Obama diatribes.

Of course many of these spots are filled by the same 2 or 3 people who seem to think that every time they have a political belch, someone wants to hear it which, of course, is their delusional right.  Flooding the blogs with neo-nasty repetitive whining blocks out other views.  It’s kind of like when they shout down opposing opinions at town meetings or scream “Liar!” at a Presidential address.

“Real” conservatives like Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, and Dwight Eisenhauer would be embarrassed by neo-nasties’  lack of manners.  Joe McCarthy would be quite proud. Now why would this newspaper bend over backwards (or forward – as some would say) catering to this malarkey?  You’ll have to ask them.

Need further proof?  Look at the comments at the end of my post on the D & C.  The shouters, snivelers, and haters will probably be on their best behavior – but I’ll bet you’ll still be able to imagine their twitching eyes, red faces, and red necks.

I, of course, with the milk of human kindness gushing through my veins, will let every comment and insult slide over my broad shoulders.  How very American of me, don’t you think?