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Unhappy Trails

Thursday, October 1st, 2009


Anthony Pilato, 72, of Rochester, didn’t like the way a hiker’s trail looked in Durand Eastman Park. He also had difficulty riding his horse on it.  The trail was crossed with fallen trees to prevent motorized vehicle use and had that unkempt look so common in natural, unimproved settings.

So what would you do?  Call the Parks Department?  Bring it to the attention of the Monroe County Legislature?  Call the County Manager’s office?

Mr. Pilato took a different path.  Using a bulldozer and chain saws, he cleared a ¾ mile stretch through the forest leaving it as pictured above.

Parks Director Larry Staub appeared to be in shock when he made this statement to the press:  “Pilato thought it was an improvement but you can’t just come on county park land and do this. He was taking this narrow footpath and widening it to  a thoroughfare. I’ve never seen anything as wildly offensive as this.”

Staub said the violation carries a penalty of a $250 fine or 15 days in jail, but said the county wants financial restitution to make the area closed to motorized vehicles again.  Pilato’s Court date is October 6.

I suggest he plead ‘guilty by razin’ of insanity’.