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Social InSecurity

Sunday, September 27th, 2009


My friend was angry.  He worked most of his adult life in the Social Security Administration and now he was fuming over the recent numbers released by the Congressional Budget Office and the Republicans’ gleeful reaction to them.

It seems there’s going to be a $10-billion deficit in 2010 between what SS takes in and what it pays out.  And Republicans are dancin’ in the streets, scaring old folks, blaming the Democrats, and hoping for a chance in the next election.

“Those freakin’ liars,” he said, “they’ve been trying to neuter Social Security for decades and now they’re playing its protector.  What a crock!”

Now he knows he can talk to me like that because I like Republicans as much as I like Democrats whom I don’t like at all.  He went on:

“Social Security is absolutely guaranteed solvent until 2040-something because it has a 2.5 TRILLION dollar separate trust fund surplus!”

“But,” I said, “Can’t Congress dip into that fund to pay for other bills?”

He looked at me like I never graduated from Junior High School.  “Franco,” he said, “Any Congressperson who votes to take money out of Social Security is as dead as a Mafia snitch at a mob hunting party.  The AARP (American Association of Retired People) would crucify him! And they’re one of the biggest blocks of voters in America.”

Something clicked in my head. “Right now,” I said, “we’re still spending $2 to $3-billion dollars A WEEK in those rat holes of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Do you mean to tell me that if we stopped those hopeless wars, we could pay off the ENTIRE 2010 Social Security deficit IN LESS THAN A MONTH!? Like, before Halloween?”

“Well, theoretically,” he said. “But the government just doesn’t work like that.”

“I agree with part of that” I said, “The government  JUST DOESN’T WORK!”