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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way – OUT

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009


George Will is one of the establishment champions of Republican – Conservatives in America.  He has been for many years. He’s a major media commentator, a respected columnist in hundreds of newspapers, and he’s always been a voice for moderate conservatives. He’s been  a strong Bush/Cheney supporter and a significant proponent of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yesterday, Will wrote it was time for America to take a new course in Afghanistan.  For those  of you political newbies who need an English translation, what he really said was, “We’re losing this damn war after 8-long years. I can’t continue to lie about it. Enough!”

Originally, we went into Afghanistan to retaliate for 911 and topple the Taliban. Those goals were accomplished in a matter of weeks. Now, over EIGHT YEARS later and 10 MORE years projected of an American presence, our efforts are in shambles.  More US troops were killed in August than in any other month of the war.  America is losing because there’s nothing more for us to win – and there hasn’t been for SEVEN long years.

When the US was defeated in Vietnam after we lost 57,000 people and killed over 1-million Vietnamese, there was no joy in being “right” that it had been “wrong” all along. There is no joy today in being “right” about Afghanistan nor being “right” about Iran for all these years.

Robert MacNamara – the “Architect of the Vietnam War” admitted years later it “was all a terrible mistake.”  A mistake?  No – a mistake is when you add something wrong.  Killing over 1-million people is not a MISTAKE.  It’s a horrible human tragedy with a colossal cost.  MacNamara’s children never spoke to him for the rest of his life.  He died with blood on his hands.

Obama continues the Bush/Cheney war policies and even upped the stakes in Afghanistan.  I always knew Obama was just a back-room, deal-making hack – but I never thought he would die with blood on his hands.  I was wrong.