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We’re Winning in Afghanistan, Right?

Friday, August 7th, 2009


Well OK, the war in Afghanistan looked bleak a few days ago but then a top U.S. advisor predicted the US will only see about two more years of heavy fighting and then turn it over to an Afghan fighting force or “lose and go home.”

David Kilcullen, a counterinsurgency expert will take a senior adviser role to General Stanley McChrystal, head of US forces in that country.  In a “best-case” scenario, he predicted the US will turn the corner in two years, followed by about three years of transition to an Afghan force, and about five years of “overwatch.”  So, uh, that’s 10 more years of war in Afghanistan. Plus the 8 we’ve already been fighting there.

Just when some Americans were starting to get a little discouraged by the news, a major US victory was declared!  Pakistan television reportedly confirmed that a top Taliban leader was killed when a US drone attacked the house in which he was staying. Maybe – the Taliban won’t say.

But anyway, it will be worth it!  18-years of war and how many dead? How much will it cost?  It doesn’t matter, by the year 2020, we should be able to put up a brand new McDonalds next to an Afghan stone cave.

Happy Meals, anyone?

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Friday, August 7th, 2009


“I told you to get this plate off now!  It’s hot!”

Sadly, this bratty one year old came to a sad end here: