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Let’s Just Paint a Red “P” On His Corpse

Monday, July 6th, 2009


America’s hypocritical Morality Police were storming ahead full-tilt boogie even before Michael Jackson was carried to the funeral home. “Pedophile!” “Child Molester!” “Drug Addict!” “Swisher” “Freak!” “Why would people worship this degenerate pervert?”

Do you know what Michael Jackson really was?  He was an entertainer – perhaps the world’s greatest – period. Now put in your ear buds, shut the freak up, and enjoy his music.

It’s sad when peoples’ lives are so empty they have to live much of it vicariously through celebrities.  It’s worse when their “ideal” or their kid’s “ideal” turns out to be a very strange, troubled man who outrages public decency.  Then the fingers come out to point. “Cluck, cluck, cluck”.

When you listen to “Love Me Tender”, do you think of Elvis as a bloated, constipated, old, drug addict who had a heart attack, fell off his toilet and died? Of course not.  What’s different here?

“But he was a role model!”  Say what?  A rock star for a role model?  Isn’t that your job Mom or Dad?  Aren’t there any good teachers or coaches still around?

And if I hear this one more time, I may go on a 3-state spitting spree: “If you had a 10-year old son, would you let him sleep with Michael Jackson?”  Uhh, no pops, I  would not let him sleep with any adults – or kids for that matter.

Where is your mind America?  Maybe it’s time to stop being voyeurs and live your own life.  The life you waste, may be your own.