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Friday, May 1st, 2009

I wrote this last year after a racehorse was euthanized moments after the race.  Is there anything better than the Kentucky Derby to symbolize the decadence of a segment of American tradition?  Ah yes, the “Derby”. Our own Magnolia, elitist, Southern bouillabaisse of flowering hats, flowing gowns, and florescent mint juleps.  Oh, Mammy! You can almost hear the darkies in the field singin’ ‘Old Man River’.


OBSCENE? Do you know what’s really obscene? Horses that are raced to death beyond any civilized standards for sport, show, and money. Innocent civilians and soldiers killed in senseless wars like the one in Iraq. And 40,000+ people (mostly children) worldwide who die EVERY SINGLE DAY from starvation and disease. These are ALL disgusting facts – but do you know what’s REALLY obscene?


The fact that a goddamn word offends you more than these atrocities.