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Al Kickurass

Monday, April 6th, 2009

These groaners are actual, legal names of people living in the United States.  One hopes the people here share the same sense of humor as their misguided parents

Abbie Seenia

Abe L. Tuwok

Abner Period

Acassa Beer

Achilles Punks

Ada Burger

Adam Pimple

Al Beback

Al K. Seltzer

Al Kaholic

Ben Thair

Bennett DeWaist

Bernadette Bra

Bertha D. Blues

Bess Twishes

Betty B. Ready

Betty Wowntshow

Bill Lowney

Bjorn Free

Bonnie Contention

Brock Lee Spears

Buck N. Bronco

Burnett D’Stake