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Dave says:

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

“Beware of any doctor who tries to take your temperature with his finger.”

Now THAT’S a Kroc!

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Ray Kroc was the fast-food genius who revolutionized America’s eating habits in the ‘50’s. He bought the concept from the McDonald brothers who ran a very successful hamburger stand in Somewhere, California. He also bought the right to use their name because, after all, who would eat food from a Kroc? The big deal was the speed, efficiency, quality, service, and cost with which the sandwiches were sold.

Rumor has it that old Ray was a FANATIC about the features listed above. One story told of him firing an entire staff of early McDonalds kids because he found a single french fry on the floor. True? Well true enough to keep thousands of McDonalds employees on their toes in the ever-widening chain. Kroc was known for popping up constantly at different stores and throwing food and fits if everything wasn’t perfect. By the early ‘70’s there were over 3000 McDonalds restaurants worldwide – most spotless with fast, friendly service and food of the highest quality.

That’s when I came in. I was an Account Executive for an ad agency that had a portion of the McDonalds account (see “Guarding the Mens’ Room for Ronald McDonald”). And in those days, everything was pretty much the way Ray wanted it. But by the ‘80’s, Ray Kroc had gone to McHeaven and many of his stores had gone to McHell. I wrote about it here (“I Feel Cheap, Used, and I Caught Something”). Although I rarely ate at McD’s, the few times I did were lowlighted by snarly trolls who pushed out the cold food pretty much when they felt like it – between long chats with their pimply friends.

Until today. My new $200,000 vehicle (the bus) has taken me to places which previously I had not visited. A car will take you to places you want to go. A bus will take you where you want to go with a bouquet of choices before you get there. So I hungrily chose a brand new McDonalds in one of the nicest parts of town.

I was amazed. There was an abundance of windows full of sunlight. The interior looked like it came from Architectural Digest and the counter people were well-trained, confident, and friendly (oops – bad adjective). The restaurant gleamed! The food choices ranged from California healthy – salads and fruit – to the golden arches basics filled with grease and salt. I didn’t choose the joint to get healthy so I chose my basic cheeseburger-fries&coke-with-extra-salt and I sank my teeth into the best of the ‘70’s once again. I learned I could chew with a smile and had enough change left from a $5-bill for the bus ride home.

Thanks, Ray – you were a genius and your dream lives on.