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Brother Can You Spare a Dollar . . . or a Share of Corporate Stock?

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

I don’t have to tell you how bad the economy is. Rochester, NY, the city in which I live, has been hit particularly hard. Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb, among most other companies here, are doing their best just to keep the lights on. Outside freelancers like writers, artists, and trainers don’t have much work – some don’t have any work at all.

Now for the most part, that’s pretty bleak – but there are a few bright spots. One for freelancers and a better one for small business owners.

Freelancers have been forced to expand their horizons. Because of the lack of good paying projects, I’ve taken a small, part-time job as a doorman/concierge in the large apartment building in which I used to live. And do you know what? I really like it! There’s a stream of people challenges going on continually and it makes me think fast, play nice, and run all over the place. I have actually lost almost 20-pounds since beginning the job and have gained a lot of new friends.

The bright spot for small business owners? An abundance of high-quality creative “labor” at a fraction of what you could not afford before. Take me for an example (please). I can write just about anything from ads to presentations and proposals, teach your people to make great presentations (I wrote the book on it, remember?), help you with marketing strategy, deliver presentations to company and sales meetings, and a myriad of other communication activities.  All at prices we can discuss in advance – no surprises. I’m told I’m professional, hard-working, funny, and easy to work with.

References? Dozens. Check out my website: Presentations Unplugged! -there’s not a speck of dull in it and there’s a link to the right.

So anyway, let’s have some fun in this gloomy time and see how I can help your business. Call me at 585 546-3244.


Flag Burning You Up?

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Unlike Latinos, Arabs, and Greeks, Americans aren’t known as a passionate people. Certainly our blood runs hotter than Brits, Scots, or Swedes – but as a nation, we don’t really get excited about much. Sometimes our national blood pressure can be raised by gas prices, Superbowls, or bouts of Brittany baloney – but usually we favor words rather than fists to express ourselves.

Except when it comes to Flag Burning.

Burn an American flag as a protest and you might as well spit on someone’s Mother’s grave. Flag burning is like dropping the “F -bomb” in church or calling a woman the “C” word. Congress endlessly debates stupid laws against the protest and editorial writers go into a dither over it. It’s a great front page or cover picture – the drama – the color – the boiling blood!

The funny thing is, the more you go nuts over the act, the more effective it becomes. Demonstrators WANT you to go nuts. They WANT you to become emotionally involved in their issues. Bad publicity is better than no publicity and flag burning is a surefire, over-the-top button to press.

So let’s take a breath here and use our heads.

Flags aren’t the country, they’re SYMBOLS of the country. They’re little pieces of rectangular cloth sold to retailers by wholesalers- just like any other product. Flags aren’t manufactured reverently and rabbis don’t make them kosher. If one gets burned, there’s an endless supply to take its place.

So the next time you see some protesting dolt burn an American flag, don’t get excited. Don’t let your buttons get pushed. Smile. Think about our wonderful Bill of Rights which allows the nitwit to express himself freely in the land of the free.

And then hope for a little breeze so the goofball will accidentally set his own clothes on fire.


Emo says:

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

“My friends in college would sleep with anything that moved. I didn’t want to put limits on myself.”