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“Thanks anyway, Mo. We’ll take it from here.”

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Muzzamil “Mo” Hassan did not believe Muslims were being treated in a fair manner by the American media. So in 2004, he and his wife launched “Bridges TV” – a small television programming station – with the purpose of “showing Muslims in a more positive light”.

Last Thursday night, Hassan didn’t help the cause much when he walked into an Orchard Park, NY police station and announced that he had just beheaded his wife. Horrified police rushed to the office of ‘Bridges TV’ and discovered the body of Aasiya Hassan, 37-years old. Mrs. Hassan had recently filed for divorce and received an order of protection from her agitated husband.  The couple has four children.

Hassan was charged with second degree murder for what he calls “a killing for honor.”