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Al Roker Drives Me Nuts

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Al Roker is always referred to as a “great guy”, “one of the nicest people in show business”, and “always happy”. Personally, I’d like to choke him

I know, I know – I’m just a malcontent always ready to pee on somebody else’s’ parade – but I can’t help it. Al is so sweet, he makes my teeth hurt. Al is to “sweet” what Dick Cheney is to “sour”.

Perpetually happy, always making little jokes and wisecracks, smiling, laughing, and then smiling some more, Rokor makes Little Mary Sunshine look like Darth Vadar. Can you picture his face in your mind without a big, toothy grin? Does this man even HAVE a dark side (so to speak)?

Well maybe his chirpiness really is genuine. Or maybe he’s REALLY saying, “’course, I’m gonna continuously grin and chuckle, toasties. I make $1.5-million a year on the Today Show, dig? That’s about $30-K A WEEK – word up! That’s $6-grand a show – 5 days a week – for about 4-hours per day. Let’s see, that’s $1500.00/hour or about $25 a MINUTE – every minute of every single hour I “work”. WHY THE HELL WOULDN’T I SMILE?”