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Chuck You, America!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

“This is your farewell kiss, you dog!”

President Bush and every newscaster I’ve heard got a good chuckle from the dissident reporter who chucked his shoes during Bush’s last tour of Iraq and Afghanistan. Few Arabs think it funny.

This incident clearly symbolizes why America is NOT winning the war – and why we NEVER COULD.

We have little knowledge and no respect for the people of the Mid-East. We don’t understand their customs, mock their political actions, and apply Western standards to how we think they should behave. To those of you morons who still “don’t get it,” let me draw you a little mental picture.

Imagine a road full of Arabs slowly riding camels to market. Suddenly a large American car, going to a gas station, roars down the road in the opposite direction leaving dead and dying Arabs and camels scattered in a pool of blood. Why do you think most people in the world think of us as UGLY Americans?

We’re not only international BULLIES, we have remarkably short memories. Remember when we toppled Suddam Hussein and people dragged down his large statue? Do you remember what they did next? Dozens of Arabs pummeled the now-horizontal structure WITH SHOES – the ultimate insult of Mid-East hatred.

Today, as America giggles over this incident, millions of Arabs have recognized the television reporter as a hero and demand his release from an Afghan prison. Recent polls from Iraq indicate about 70-per cent of the people want us to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY- regardless of the consequences.

Hussein was a despicable enemy of freedom. But maybe it’s better to be repressed than to be mocked, maimed, killed, and laughed at.