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The View From Here

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

A friend visited her Dad yesterday and he was in a grouchy mood. Of course when she asked what was up, he said – in typical guy fashion – “Nothing” and then proceeded to wear a puss like a little kid. She finally figured it out: the Black guy got elected.

At first I thought this funny as hell and wanted her to bring him a sheet, compliments of me. She wouldn’t, of course, and it was probably not a good idea anyway.

How tough it must be to see the world change around you and challenge beliefs you’ve held most of your life. I’ll bet a lot of Americans feel left behind because of yesterday’s election. Oh well – what can you do? I did feel a little bad for him though. I think his feelings slid from impotent to irrelevant. That’s why I didn’t even bring up my idea of burning a little popsicle-stick cross in one of his flowerpots.