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Danger: Real Christians

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

There’s a mighty peculiar group of so-called “Christians” here in Downtown Rochester. Their practices would disturb an awful lot of Bible-thumping people who KNOW THEY KNOW the only TRUE Word of God. Even though this strange group calls itself ‘Methodist’, I think they may be a cult.

They call themselves the Asbury Methodist Church – but REAL Christians would probably be shocked if they knew what these Assies do! They have a hot breakfast program for the homeless every damn morning and the bums start lining up at 5:30AM. All of them are told they’re always welcome at services but they’re not forced to go or even listen to a sermon before they get their free meals. The Assies love these people and treat them with dignity and respect. What kind of crap is that?

Every Wednesday morning, they give 10 refurbished bicycles to the first 10 derelicts in line so they can have a little transportation around the city. I guess pushing around a grocery cart isn’t good enough for some loafers. In the basement of the Church, there’s a little stand for personal hygiene products – for nothing! – free! They might as well call it ‘Right-Aid’. At times this crew gives out free clothing, free furniture, and in special instances -bus tokens and small amounts of emergency cash! Free!

What’s worse than what the Assies DO is what they DON’T DO! They DON’T show up at Gay Pride Parades and tell parents of gay children their kids are going to hell! They DON’T picket Planned Parenthood and hospitals with grotesque placards! And they don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on false advertising and Yellow Page ads tricking terrified teenage girls into ANTI-abortion counseling.

And do you know what’s even MORE disgusting? I’ll bet this cult of Assie Methodists would even say they not only love the common sinners, they even love the good Christians who HATE the sinners!

What kind of Christian crap is that!?