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If Hypocrisy Was Water, He Would Just Drown

Saturday, August 9th, 2008


“Georgia is a sovereign nation, and territorial integrity must be respected,” Bush said in Beijing, where he is attending the Olympic games.

(Except when I say so – like in Iraq.)

Is he nuts? Is he just freakin’ nuts?!?


School’s Out!

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Paolo’s Sunday School of Speaking is out for the summer. I know, I know   ………. it was only in session for a week – but geez! I’ve got a Xerox Great Presentations! Seminar this week, a speech script to finish, and a new client proposal to pitch – gimme a break. What do you think hookers do on their nights off? They sew! So tomorrow’s post will be a rerun of one of my favorites: “No Lack of Characters”. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Or you can read all the nice things my clients have said about me @ (Cut & Paste into your browser’s Search Box). Most of them are true.


You Knew He’d Be an Embarrassment

Saturday, August 9th, 2008


What if America hosted the Olympic Games and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Il came for the opening ceremonies and berated our country for the murderous War in Iraq? Wouldn’t you be a little ticked off? I would be – even though I hate this war more than anyone I know. I’d think, ‘Hey shithead – is your country perfect? You’ve got the chalones to come over here and criticize us? Didn’t your mother teach you any manners about accepting an invitation and then insulting your host?”

Of course W. went to China and criticized their human rights policies to keep his conservative cronies happy. The Chinese government told him to mind his own business. I wish America told him that about 8-years ago.

It isn’t the first time this administration’s leaders have made asses out of themselves in front of the world. When Dick Cheney visited the Pope in 2002, diplomatic mouths dropped. Earlier the Vatican had criticized America for invading Iraq. In what had to be the most sarcastic state gift in recorded history, the Vice-President gave the Pope a crystal DOVE of PEACE. JP should have just dropped it on the floor. A younger man should have parted Cheney’s head with it and kicked his ass out the door.

Popes seem to get the short end of the schtick by US Presidents from Texas. When Lyndon Johnson came a callin’ on the first Pope JohnPaul, he brought the Pontiff a bust of HIMSELF! The Pope’s reply is not recorded but the look on his face was one of astonishment.

Today W. is concerned about his place in history. Somehow he thinks he’ll look a lot better decades (or centuries) in the future. That might be so – if time were a magic wand. But now 61% of historians in a recent poll voted him the WORST American President – EVER. He even beat out Millard Friggin’ Fillmore! Don’t take my word for it – do a Google Search. In your browser’s Search Box, type ‘Worst President’ and see whos name comes up again and again.