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Whine-O’s on Park Benches

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Artist’s rendition of what Manhattan Square Park
will look like when the trees and grass grow.

Negative people who constantly complain annoy me. Mention a beautiful sunset and they’ll tell you it’s mostly caused by pollution. Comment on a beautiful summer day and they’ll remind you that “winter’s just around the corner.” If you tell them something good has happened to someone, they’ll say, “Yeh, with MY luck……(the opposite would have occurred). These people don’t only see a glass half-empty, they see it cracked, dirty, and they think it probably just chipped their teeth.

I live with a lot of whiners here at 10 Manhattan Square. Of course, since there are over 250 apartments in this building, you’d expect a few. But it seems more than a few complain about the new reflecting pool and fountains surrounded by black, wrought iron tables and benches in Manhattan Square Park, just across the street.

I happen to LOVE the new park. I heard the city spent about $7-million on this part of the renovation and I’m very grateful. Although my terrace on the 15th floor is enclosed by a ‘cat screen’ (so Tuesday or Wednesday don’t go leaping over the railing at a bird) the view is still spectacular. But do you know what I hear?

“Why do they have to turn the fountains on at 6-AM? They wake me up.”

“Did you see how dirty the bottom of the pool is?”

“The benches are too hard.”

“Those aren’t really fountains – they’re just pipes shooting water into the air.”

“That mulch smells.”

“It looks like they planted more weeds than grass.”

“The noise from those fountains is driving me nuts all day long!”

I wish my parents could tell them what they told us as kids: “If you can’t appreciate what you have, at least be thankful you don’t get what you deserve.”


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