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Sunday Sauce at the White House?

Thursday, June 5th, 2008


First off, let’s stop all this silliness about Hillary being Obama’s running mate. Paris Hilton has a better chance of being on the ticket. Her main qualification? She’s not Hillary Clinton. Obama didn’t win the nomination by being stupid and I’ll bet he’s had just about enough of the Clintons. So have I. So have a lot of people. So Obama’s people are floating around at least a half dozen names to see if any catch. A few of these are women which should satisfy at least some Clintonestas.

One name is Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona. Governor Napolitano is smart and she’s tough. She was named one of America’s top five governors by Time magazine and she’s also the first governor to deploy National Guard troops to help stop illegal immigration.

Napolitano’s heritage is half Italian on her Father’s side. She would be the first REAL Italian-American to run for Vice President. Geraldine Ferraro was one of those artsy, white sauce, classy Italians found in Northern Italy. The rumor is these people are really French and just added a vowel to the end of their names.

At any rate, is the country ready for an Italian-American Woman Vice President and a Black President? I don’t know but I would like to think we’re ready to choose leaders based on vision and qualifications rather than ethnicity.