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Hillary Clinton, Junkie

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008


Watching a junkie who has run out of dope is painful. It’s so horribly pathetic, it almost physically hurts those who watch. The desperation – the scheming – the pleading – the insanity – the total focus on getting the stuff regardless of what it costs or who is hurt. NOTHING matters except getting that sweet poison into the veins one more time. We are seeing it now.

Hillary Clinton is a junkie. A power junkie.

Her plans for the country aren’t really that much different than Obama’s. Her ‘experience’ versus his ‘change’ message didn’t fly and her ‘sure thing’ arrogance in the beginning of this race was insulting. But despite the fact she cannot now win the nomination numerically, she’s not giving up on her mad quest. Why? Because she can’t. Junkies rarely can.

We should be very wary of anyone who NEEDS power this much. Do you really believe she wants to be president for the good of the country when Obama can pretty much do that same job with the same anticipated outcomes? The biggest difference is they won’t have her name on them. Hillary shouldn’t go to the White House – she should go to rehab.

How should she leave the race? She should take off her pants suit so we can see how fat she is – and then she should sing. Or am I being too wishy-washy here?