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Proud To Be Persian

Monday, March 17th, 2008


Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Even if Cats did take pride in their respective breeds, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to advertise it. I can’t imagine anyone taking pride in something they didn’t accomplish themselves. Where your ancestors came from is just an accident of birth and has nothing to do with you. Proud to be Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, or even American – just doesn’t make sense to me.

I have a friend – let’s call him “Gary” – who loves St. Patrick’s Day because he’s Irish. Now this is a man who’s accomplished a great deal in life. He has a wonderful group of great friends because he  is a great friend to all of us. He should be proud of that. He took special care of an aging parent and made many sacrifices along the way. He should be very proud of that. He worked hard all his life and rose to be the leader of his group with many responsibilities. And he should be proud of that too. He has a beautiful home and land on which he continually makes improvements. Great things in which to take pride!

Gary is a man who’s very smart but felt he wasn’t up to speed on his English or his computer skills. So he’s been learning ‘A-Word-A -Day’’ for years and now knows more about computers than he really needs to know. He’s fond of history and reads about it. Again, he should be quite proud of all this. My list could go on but the point is clear: Gary is someone who has accomplished a great deal in life – I can’t think of another person who has achieved more – and he probably does take a certain amount of pride in all of this – but it seems he takes more pride in being IRISH. How annoying!

Oh well, I guess it would be REAL hard to put this man’s REAL accomplishments on a damn bumper sticker.