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So Long, Fidel.

Thursday, February 21st, 2008


Fidel Castro will no longer be the President of Cuba. The 81-year old communist is suffering from some sort of disease – probably cancer – and has already turned the government over to his brother, Raul. This is not the way he was supposed to go.

Nine – count them – NINE American Presidents – starting with Eisenhower over 50 years ago (!) – vowed to get rid of this commie pest only 90-miles from our shores. The CIA hooked up with the Mafia to assassinate the SOB in the ‘60’s. The US threw up a trade blockade (that exists to this day) trying to create economic havoc in Cuba – so his own people would overthrow the dictator. We’ve often trained guerilla soldiers to infiltrate the island and take over his government in the name of “democracy”. We also created ‘Voice of America’ – our country’s propaganda radio station – and blasted it’s powerful signal at Havana.

Our intelligence community planned the infamous “Bay of Pigs” to ignite the Cubans to pick up arms and destroy Castro’s rule. Well, they picked up arms all right – and aimed them at the American invaders.

When will this country learn to mind its own business? If 11- million Cubans really wanted America’s form of freedom and government, they could have easily squashed Castro and his little band of bearded revolutionaries – over a HALF-CENTURY ago! America continues to believe WE KNOW BEST how all the other countries in the world should live.

Do I even have to mention IRAQ here? – where 70% of the people now want us to just get the hell out of their country?

So today the dying dictator teeters around his hospital bed – in his flashy jumpsuit – confused and probably incontinent and senile.

Castro was never really good for the Cuban people.

He was just better than us.