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A GIANTS Among Zen

Monday, February 4th, 2008


Did you catch Richard Gere at the Superbowl yesterday? Right after he sang “Hello, Dalai”, he called to a hot dog vendor, “Make me one with everything!” Whadaya expect from the nit who waved “Bye, Bi” to Cindy Crawford? Dope!

You may have missed that – but you couldn’t miss the Giants win. Yaay! I’m a big Giants fan. Actually, I’m a big fan of any team on which I bet – and win. If I bet on New England and they won, I’d be a big Pats fan. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I’d never even watch a football game if I didn’t have a financial stake in it. Why would I care about a bunch of abnormal pituitary cases crashing into each other chasing an oblong ball of air?

I never understood the fan thing. Except that ‘fan’ shares the same Latin root as ‘fanatic’, it never made any sense to me. I know people need to feel part of something bigger than themselves – but a sports team? A specific sports team? I guess it’s just too far removed from my reality.

So when a drunken, frenzied, Giants zealot, freezing-shirtless and painted blue with a large ‘NY’ shaved into the hair on his back, screams. “WE’RE #1!”, I think, “No guy. The millionaire football players are #1. You’re just an idiot.”