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He Can’t Kick It. Part 2.

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Can this story get any stranger? In a previous entry, I talked about the antismoking commercial which featured a one-legged guy standing in a park.

He talked about his leg getting infected, then turning multiple colors, and finally SMELLING with rot until it had to be amputated.

The man blamed smoking. I blamed the nitwit for not getting to a doctor sooner. Now it seems the dolt is even dumber than I thought.

According to the Associated Press, the man, “Skip” (of course) Legault (LEG-ault? C’Mon!), 48, IS STILL SMOKING! Despite his missing leg, two heart attacks, and a stroke before the age of 30, the guy continues to light up although he “feels bad about it.”

Refusing to admit they may be a little “casting-challenged” or just dumb as dust, the New York State Department of Health tried to put the best spin they could on the story. They said “Skip” was “courageous to step forward with his weakness.” (I swear I’m not making this up!)

Legault was paid $4000 for his brief appearance and he’s happy he’s cut down from 3-packs a day to “about half a pack.” Right.