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What Did We Learn from Prohibition?

Friday, January 11th, 2008


My friend Stanley has severe knee joint pain which,
he believes, is helped by medical marijanna without
the heavy side effects of pharmaceutical painkillers
like Vicodin and Oxycottin.

The State of California issued him a card which
allows him to legally buy the drug in approved
stores without the fear of law enforcement reprisals.

Stanley has smoked pot for years and has not
“graduated” to “harder” drugs like cocaine, crack
or heroin. Also, he neither drinks nor smokes
which many medical studies have shown to be
much more harmful to the human body than pot.

My young friend, Jennifer, is in an overcrowded
state prison for crimes related to her drug addiction.
As a matter of fact, over 70% of all inmates in the
United States are sitting there for crimes related to
drugs. The entire US prison system is an industry
that’s worth a few hundred billion dollars a year. It’s
easily larger than most Fortune 500 companies.

By far, most of the murders, robberies, burglaries,
and assaults in this country are the direct result of
the huge profit in illegal drugs.

What if there was not big money in dealing drugs?
What if adults could easily obtain them in drug stores
cheaply and without hassles?

Would there be long lines of people trying to get
“high” who’ve never used drugs before? Hardly.
When England and Holland decriminalized many
drugs, there was virtually NO increase in their use
-in some studies, use DECREASED (after all, who
wants to be a known drug addict?)

Since the late ‘60’s, the hilarious “War on Drugs” has
cost this country over a TRILLION dollars. Has that
been a good investment for taxpayers? Nah, sorry.
A larger percentage of people use illegal drugs today
than when the “War” began.

Does this make you think? Better not. Hey,
is “American Idol” or “Survivor” on tonight?