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“Every bit of this was caused by smoking.”

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008


Am I the only person repulsed by the
one-legged goofball standing in a park
for an anti-smoking ad?

I’m no fan of smoking; I’ve never smoked
a cigarette in my life. But I may take it up if
I have to listen to this baloney much longer.

It seems the guy is positive that smoking
caused some sort of infection in his leg (“OK.
Go to a Doctor.”). Then it started to turn “all
sorts of color” (“OK. Now REALLY go to
a Doctor!). Then, he “couldn’t stand the
SMELL any longer” (“Would you get
to a friggin’ Doctor, you idiot, before the
damn thing rots off!?….. uh-oh. Too late.”)

Maybe the ad is more sophisticated than
I originally thought. Maybe it’s real message
is to see your doctor more often – and if any
of your body parts are turning weird colors,
see him real soon.