100,000 Hits

Two years ago, my friend Paul Dodd convinced me to start writing a blog.  I had hesitated for months because most blogs I read were filled with the daily drivel of peoples lives – what they had for dinner, blah, blah, blah.  But Paul said I should write anything I wanted from my opinions on political issues to my everyday thoughts medication can’t control.

After 6-months, we hooked up a counter and were surprised at how quickly it grew. Now, a year and a half after the counter started counting, it’s reached the mark you see above.  The picture is of 100,000 thousand plastic bottles waiting to be recycled.  That’s what the caption said – I didn’t count them. It was noted that that’s the number Americans throw out in 5-minutes.

Often people don’t understand satire and take the things I write too seriously. Although there’s no mistaking my stands on issues like the wars and racism, many of my posts use humor, exaggeration, and irony to make points.  Sometimes people e-mail me insulting my writing, my heritage, and, mostly, me. But I have this philosophy: “So what?  I’ve been insulted by people much better than you!”.  And if my head ever gets too big,  I look at the framed critique someone once wrote to me (I’ve printed it and hung it next to my desk):

“If the choice ever comes to reading another word by you or sticking pins in my eye, I’ll take the pins!”

Total: 100392 hits and 19701 unique.
Today: 309 hits and 105 unique.
Currently: 1 users online.


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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Frank, what’s unique mean? In your above usage, is it new readers?

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