2000 But Who’s Counting?

The 2000th American was killed last week in Afghanistan. It kind of slipped by me.  For years, I got up most mornings at 5:00 AM to put the updated casualty numbers in the Comments section of our local paper.  I wanted the stats to be the first thing a reader saw when he turned to that page.

I did it so Americans wouldn’t forget that our soldiers were fighting and dying every single day in two worthless sand traps. I took a lot of shit for it – especially from the Right wing. Many said I was being disrespectful to our troops.

I knew my efforts wouldn’t do any good. Most Americans don’t care anyway. The US war machine is far more powerful than a country of easily-conned, yahoo voters.

So I’ve given up trying to change things which will never change.  My blood pressure is much lower and I’m enjoying the summer without even thinking of war death and carnage – just like any good, patriotic American.

And now I’ll go back to tanning, reading a mystery novel,  and wondering if it’s a little too early to add vodka to my iced orange juice.


8 Responses to “2000 But Who’s Counting?”

  1. Adelaide says:

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  2. Bill says:

    Notice the president saluting the troops? The first president to do that was Ronald Reagan; he didn’t know any better, but now every president feels obligated to follow suit or get destroyed by the spin machine.

    While the president is called the so-called commander in chief because we have civilian oversight of the military in this country, he is NOT a member of the armed forces. Think Eisenhower saluted the troops as president? Hell, no. None of the others did either, pre-Reagan The presidential salute is inappropriate, but they do it anyway for political purposes, just like they all have to call the winner of the super bowl. Ridiculous.

  3. Daniele says:

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  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Irregardless of what service the men were in-Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army , Army Air Corps (Now Air Force-Eisenhauer adressed each man as “Soldier.” When Eisenhaur met with the allies in Gibralter before we went into Italy durring operation TORCH Ike had a top pilot fly him there and the pilot was able to find a short 2X4 board to make a somewhat uncomfortable seat for the Supreme Commaner so he could watch what was going on Below..Durring the super secret meeting between Ike and Winston Churchill. The pilots name was Col Paul B. Tibbetts. After fighting out the rest of the war in Europe, Col. Tibbetts was chosen to pilot the first airdrop of an Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima. When Osamaobama finaly stared wearing a lapel flag Michelle was taped saying, “All this SHIT about a GOD_DAMN flag.” He has no right to salute anyone in an AMERICAN uniform.

  5. Bill says:

    A flag lapel pin is what I call phony patriotism. Any ass can pin one on, even Michelle herself. The idea that a guy with a flag in his lapel is ipso facto more patriotic than a guy without one is absurd, and I include it on my list of presidential follies along with saluting soldiers and making phonecalls to football coaches.

  6. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I agree it’s bullshit-BUT the first Lady of the USA calling the Star Spangled Banner a “God-Damned Flag,” I can’t say what needs to be done.

  7. Aimée says:

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