“Waddaya Want? Another Medal?”



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4 Responses to ““Waddaya Want? Another Medal?””

  1. Rich Gardner says:

    Hey, I think I was in Scouts with that one guy – top, middle.

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    Bet he got more merit badges than you.
    And wore them all.

  3. amy says:

    You know, like, girl “scout”??
    hee hee (inside joke)
    But yes I always thought those sashes were so gay.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Actually the old guy on the top left is wearing the full medals, not just the ribbon that represents it like the others. He has, what?, 6? and a presidential or royal unit medal. They take more room that way but he IS in civilian clothes. If our guys with all their ribbons showing wore the entire medal they would look like Rich’s boyhood chum.
    I had a bud that had to come home as a slick sleeved private for shooting circles around the Company Comanders jeep from a 100′ tower. Busted as low as you could go but he had a CIB, silver star, Bronze star W/V,purple heart , ARCOM, and all the campaign medals.
    Back in Texas he put on a new slick sleeved uniform and his ribbons and had to go to the 1st Sgt for something (Acting 1st sgt. with 2 ribbons-never left the states) That guy thought my bud had bought a bunch of mribbons at the PX and was a trainee trying to impress people and chewed him out ending with, “Where’d you get all them ribbons A-hole?!” little D. jumped up over the desk and GRABBED the acting 1st sgts 2 ribbons and about ripped them off his shirt yealling, “Where’d you get all of yours M.F.?!”
    They went to punish him MORE and found out he had more real medals than anyone in the entire battalion, were embarrassed to have him walking around as a buck private and promoted him 2 grades in one night.
    Then he went to jail for hospitalizing a local in a barfight. What can ya do with an SOB like that? Make him join the Army and send him overseas. Still owes me $20.

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