“This Is Your Captain Freaking”

Have a fear of flying?  It probably wasn’t helped much yesterday if you were on JetBlue Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas.

About 3-hours into the flight, Captain Clayton Osbon began behaving erratically with the controls of the large, commercial jet. He then went to the mens room and came out screaming at the passengers:  “They’re going to take us down!” and “There’s a bomb on board! Al-Queda-Iraq-Afghanistan!” and “Better start saying your prayers!”

By this time the copilot had locked the cabin’s door – which enraged the pilot further – and called the control tower for instructions.  Passengers and crew members tackled the 6’4” pilot tying him with seat belt extenders and their own belts.  Once the plane landed, he was carried off by security personnel.

JetBlue is noted for its relatively inexpensive fares and a few free perks.  Who knew the cost of a ticket also included entertainment and group activities?

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  1. Bill says:

    Well, he picked a good flight to flip out on. A number of the passengers were on their way to a convention for security personnel. They weren’t about to just sit and watch.

    It reminds me of an incident we had here in Rochester a few years ago. Some clown tried to rob a tavern, but the bar was packed with off-duty police officers who were required to carry their firearms even when off duty. The would be crook did not fare well.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I watched a guy come out of the mens room at an oilpatch bar in Morgan city, with a mask and baseball hat on-give a note to the barmaide and wave a pistol. The barmaid and the “robber were freinds-the robber was a buddies girlfreind. I’d been drinking with a crewboat capt’n all day and when everyone else grabbed pool sticks and pool balls and lined up outside I asked the cap why he wasn’t leaving. “Wouldn’t miss this for the world. The lady dresed as a man burglar waved her gun in his face and he grabbed the gun and her and tore her mask off. We all knew her and then had to lie to the cops to save her dumbass. My buddy had just come in from offshore and was about to stab his girl when she came out but the cap’t stopped that from happening. Interesting. She cussed him out. He said, “SUCK A DICK??” She replied, “Not YOURS!!”‘
    We all got ride home in Sams car. The cap’t said, “That was a STUPID joke to play!” She said, “We’d of got the money if you hadn’t of been there!!” Sam said, “That WAS stupid honey. Don’t do shit like that again I was gonna kill you!!”
    She said, “Al-right.”

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    That was a true story-I do bullshit sometimes. But I also sat in and played for a out of work party for some small airlines and a bunch of stewardesses, stewards, Pilots, co-pilots That a local stewardess threw here because all of those professional flight people were layed off for the first time in their lives for very scary shit after 9-11. They gatherred in groups that worked together and the Mayor and the Local (small town) people of importance were there to make them feel appreciated by small town America I guess-hell just to be nice with no politics. Hell in this place the very successful and very poor from here and not on vacation getting ripped off know each other by name or by their workmanship.
    In my own case now ten years later at least half of the crew of electricians I travelled the last 2 years with and loved have passed away and I’m sure it is the same for that pilot, who was carrying the lives and responsibilities to see the aircraft was in perfect order when he had no way to check out each technician or system or alarm light bulb. Darryl Stiggler from my Sea Explorers Boyscout group in ’62-’64 and BHS Class of ’66 flew B-52’s in Nam and then became a commercial pilot. He was used to having telephone pole sized bombs shot up at him and a very relaxed sounding man the last time I talked to him but this pilot just snapped. He’s NOT the enemy, but he had his life and his world shot to hell in Sept, 2001. It’s PTSD as close to COMBAT PTSD as a civilian could get. And Held back stress actually changes the brains chemistry over years. Would he even have a support system to help him? Psychiatrists that have never been there can just give you a pill that will eventually steal the rest of your brain. I had a Military B-52 retired pilot who flew in Korea and WWII that stutterred tell me what always scared him the most was the taxi rides in foreign war torn countries from the airports to the hotel, or wherever.

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