“The Other Big Story Today . . .”

… was the penalties against Penn State football. The first, of course, was the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  Then there were Olympic stories and the death of Sally Ride, the first US woman in space.  Coming up: why Tony Robbins “fire walkers” got burned.  I clicked the television off.

Here’s another story America:  (FYI) more than 100 people were killed in bomb and gun attacks in Iraq today.  Yesterday 20 died. It was a coordinated surge of violence between Muslim sects – and the American-trained Iraqi security forces failed miserably.  Muslim Shiites and Sunnis have been at war for over a thousand years.  We were there for 9-years and only lost about 4500-troops. For nothing. Afghanistan casualties are only about half that – and even more pointless.

There are  only about 100 days until our presidential election.  Let’s focus on Romney’s wealth and Obama’s fake Social Security number.  And who will win on “American Idol.”

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  1. Bill says:

    We won’t be around for the scary stuff. Global warming and over-population is going to resut in wars over food, arable land, and potable water. Nutballs will kill over religion; normal people will kill to feed themselves and their children. Good luck, Earth,

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Where can I find out about his fake Soc. Sec. #? MORE TO THE POINT, why is he being allowed to do what he is doing to America? WHY is the Secret Service suddenly anti-American and Homeland Security out to ruin America?
    BILL-Do you remember a real short guy in Scales hall 3rd East that was a champion wrestler for people 5’2″ tall -LEE REESE? He worked in Graves Registration in Chu Lai Vietnam and showed the pics of the 1st 300 of the 5,000 murderred by the VC durring the Tet Offensive in ’68-over a year after they disappeared. Call the 23rd Inf Calleys Killers if you want but the VC and NVA were some MASS mass murderers. The Secret Service or Napolitano would shit their pants if they had to walk within a mile of them. I did, but was a LOT closer.

  3. Bill says:

    I knew Lee quite well.

    Security is a growth industry. The politicians get lots of cash from security companies, a vast bureaucracy has sprung up for patronage, and the shoeple bleat how grateful they are to be “protected”. And they will bleat their support when some “great leader” declares martial law in response to a domestic act of terrorism. Anyone who has studied history can see this one coming as clear as day. It’s only a matter of when and who.

    Fake SS#? Not familiar with that one. What would be the point?

  4. paolo. says:


    If O’s SS # was fake, can you imagine the ramifications? Almost as heavy as the birth certificate. Me? Hell, if the guy had done a good job, I wouldn’t care if he was an alien.

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Bill Lee went to school with me, wrestled with me and was so short he had to grab my knees to turn me upside down and lift me in the air, and then we were in Vietnam Together. Can you get with Frank to get to me with his present hometown and how to talk to him again? I hope he didn’t eat a 122.

  6. Bill says:

    Joe, I haven’t seen Lee in almost 40 years. School records show a Mr. Leigh Riese who graduated in 1973 with a PO BOX 1516, Arizona City AZ 85223. Telephone was 520-466-8323. I think it’s the same guy, but I can’t guarantee it. Also, the record is from 2002, and he may not even be there anymore. Good luck.

  7. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Thanks Bill. We were originally class of 70 so add 3 years for the Army and ’73 would put it just right. I can’t get a years worth of college credits from Oswego because when we went there they didn’t use Soc. Sec. Numbers and I need my student number to get my records. Damn that pissed me off because I’d of got an AS a long time ago except after taking college level chem and physics and Math in highschool, then again at Oswego, I’ll just be damned if I’ll take them a 3rd time when Oswego has my records, and I even had a regents scholarship. Ptriot8ism My ass. Because all the schools closed for the kent State strike the VA said I had gone to too many schools to get my GI bill changed again.

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