“Roger – Where Did Minneapolis Go?”


You know how it is with best buds sometimes.  You get to talking about the good times – the fun times – all the laughs.  You’re both relaxed.  You turn down the annoying static squawks from Flight Control and sit back a bit. The lights are already low and the muffled roar of the engines is telling you to relax – enjoy the flight – everything’s fine.  A little soft music drifts in the background.

“Is the door locked?”

“Roger.” (Smile).

(Long period of silence.)

“Hey, remember that time on Fire Island when we were so plastered we dropped the key through the grate and went pounding on doors at 4:00 AM?”

“Oh yeh!  Or that party on Key West when that “guy” said she was sure you were the pilot on the flight to Florida – but you said it was your brother?!”

“Remember when we spilled that garlic pesto sauce into the fly stick?”

(Loud laughter).

(Loong period of silence).


“We’ve been through it all, honey.  I luvya, man.”

“We should probably start that landing pattern crap now,  right?”


“Oh, SHIT………….”


5 Responses to ““Roger – Where Did Minneapolis Go?””

  1. Steve says:

    Kids, do we believe the “official reason” they gave us as the reason.

    Nooooooooooo: – )

  2. Steve says:

    “I Have Lost Understanding Of And Confidence In The Strategic Purposes Of The US’ Presence”

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I’ll bet something in what MaNamara said about having to get 50,000 more men killed to “Prove” it wouldn’t work to the unbelieving got stuck in his brain- I have been so disgusted I’ve been staying away from it but to support some anti anti American Government loving worms in power. One Pro-Obama site uses the San Francisco Chronicle as it’s Authority on it’s references. But that one official would finaly object while I can’t afford a cell phone and now that I can get one because I’m disabled i wouldn’t touch it. It’s called buying votes- like Cheney getting a million bucks from Haliburton right before being sworn in-as if it wasn’t a bribe. But Today our leader visited Florida. A state allready chuck full of the worn out “Die Fast” crowd depending on a already broke medicare.
    FLORIDA’S GOVERNOR SAID HE THOUGHT HE HAD HEARD “SOMETHING” ABOUT THE PRES COMING HERE, but he didn’t think it was worth meeting him, and the Pres came to talk to the sailors- find a way to buy their votes. I know some of them- Our Military hates our leadership. It has NOTHING to do with being black as we were quite willing to give him a chance, It’s because he was raised in a foreign country and is a communist bent on destroying us from the inside out like Kruschev said he would. Legally a citizen or not, he’s NOT an African AMERICAN. After the Kent State Massacre many top officials could hold back their misgivings anymore. We can’t save anyone if we can’t save America first, and toys and teaching folks it’s more profitable NOT to work and sending jobs overseas is ANTI American. More than half of Congress are traitors.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Oh Frank to your point, are you saying they had a hard time flying with their heads bent over a——-computer? NAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

  5. Lyndon Taula says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

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