“Poison Center? My Kid Just Ate Some MSG!”

Do you think monosodium glutamate can kill you? Well, it might if you ate about a bucket of it, then tripped over the bucket and smashed your head on the floor.  But any excessive amounts you could eat in a day over a lifetime, won’t do anything but make your food taste better.

Say what? MSG isn’t deadly? Nope, just a typical example of anecdotal health bullshit the media grabs and blows up to sell papers.  And you, of course, believed it (unless you’re an Italian who doesn’t believe anything).

So why do Chinese restaurants advertise “No MSG Used”?  Well what would you do if masses of ignorant diners refused to have dinner at your humble eatery because they think they’ll be poisoned?

Have you ever noticed that unlike tobacco, alcohol, saccharine, and a zillion other things, there are no government warnings about MSG?  That’s because there’s never been a valid, scientific study by the government or the academic world to show that MSG is harmful – except to owners of Chinese restaurants.

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  1. Bill says:

    Well, the loss of money is no joke, but there is a special place in my heart for kids who die from measles because they were never vaccinated because their genius mothers were afraid they might end up autistic.

    And make sure you never wear a seatbelt. Do you have any idea how many millions of people have drowned when their cars went into a lake or river and they were unable to unbuckle? LEGIONS.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    We had an older tourist couple get knocked off a very LOW but long bridge with low sides and die from not being able to get out-it is presumed and probably right. I’ve read about it and seriously consider a velcro holder fo a boxcutter between the seats either in front of the front seat or on the top by the light. Are you being facetious when you say legions? MSG was supposed to be used on supermarket lettuce and prepared salads long before I heard or saw the Chinese eatery signs. There so much innocent stuff that are sure killers I get so nervous I have to smoke a cigarrette to relax and stay healthy. I either had a heart attack or a doozy of a panic attack last week I HAD to run get a cigarette to stay calm.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    The funny thing is my new primary care Dr. at the Jax VA outpatient clinic and his dominican or haitian LPN nurse who’s supposed to take messages and tell the Dr. She’s so good she doesn’t bother the Dr. anymore she listens to your call an can diagnose your problem over thephone and tell you straight out if you don’t like the care you get from her and the VA they just won’t take care of you anymore (Even if your a disabled service connected vet with a high percentage. BUT WHO DO I COMPLAIGN TO?? THE DR>! WHO GETS HIS MESSAGES FROM THAT NURSE. As I was saying the funny thing is the first Dr almost killed me and I complaigned and the new Dr. (Who is reputed to be marvelous, just marvelous) ask any of the specialists he send you to to PROVE the first shitty Dr. was WRONG when he decided a partially collapsed lung was nothing to worry about and acetominophen was good for me even though it got me hospitalized every y4ear with chronic pancreatitis. THE SPECIALISTS have done two operations on me-just small ones, a little cance on the skin and blowing up my esophagus from throwing up acetominophen untuil it gave me a hyatal hernia, and of course the lung spots (But THEY don’t really mean anything and just because the first guy found a collapsed lung (Partial) didn’t mean he should have checked if further, after all only l4egless and braindead one armed people get on the covers of veterans magazines to show you how good they are. I have to wait two more months to see his special cardiologist to ask about the heart attack and man that’s WHY I NEEDED a CIGARETTE AFTER years without. Oh I went to the VA Inspector general and was given the names of the clinics bosses but when I went there the secretery read every word of my complaint and accidentally shredded every copy. I forgot what I was saying-a sharp knife to keep me from drownding Bill-do I really need one?

  4. paolo. says:

    Readers: how’s this for a Memorial Day message? The sad news is the rates for Vet suicides and unemployment are far higher than for the rest of us. And their health care is barley adequate.

    On Sunday you’ll read a Memorial Day message from Joe Belle-Isle and on Monday one from rochester_veteran, most often seen on electronic chat forums.

  5. Bill says:

    Yeah Joe, I was kidding about the legions of drowners. In 1967 I was a passenger in a fender bender in Oswego; the driver was only going about 20, hit the brakes, and slid into a parked car. A nothing accident, right? Except the car didn’t even have seat belts. My head smashed the windshield, my forehead was separated from my skull and I would have bled out if we hadn’t been two minutes from the emergency room, and glass was taken out of both eyes; I’m damn lucky I didn’t end up blind. Since then I have been a firm believer in seat belts.

    Ask yourself this: how many accidents are there in the U.S. every year and how many of those involve the vehicle being submerged? It is, as they say, a no brainer; wear your seat belt. And if you are so out of it you can’t unbuckle a seatbelt, you’d probably cut your dick off with that boxcutter of yours.

  6. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    No I wouldn’t cut mine off but if you were in the seat next to me and trapped and I was in a real fast hurry………

  7. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Carry a meat cleaver on the highway

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