“Homosexuality is an Abomination”

I read a gay-hate letter in the newspaper yesterday by a local Black Minister. I know many people will hesitate to criticize this nitwit because of a) his color and b) his title. I will not be so constrained. A dope by any other name is still a dope.

The Reverend was outraged because some say the struggle for gay rights can be compared to the long battle for the rights of Black people. Additionally he said that homosexuality is a “choice” and the Bible says it’s “an abomination.”

Ignorance is not a sin but citing the Bible for your own purposes certainly should be. Ignorance? Homosexuality is NOT a choice. There are numerous scientific studies stating that it is a genetically – induced behavior. I could cite some sources here but they’re pretty much old news and this guy wouldn’t read them anyway.

The Bible is a nice collection of stories written hundreds of years after Jesus died. Few Christians believe in its literal interpretation. The teachings in the New Testament have survived for centuries because they are the foundation of civilized society.

But the Old Testament is a trip! To really believe that Noah built an arc to carry thousands of animals – and the rest of the golden oldies – requires more LSD than I ever ate. So OK – people have a right to believe whatever nonsense they want to believe. But NOWHERE does it say the Bible is a smorgasbord from which you can pick and choose what rocks YOUR fears. If you believe ANY of it literally , you’re kind of stuck with the rest of it.

Leviticus DID say homosexuality is an abomination; it also said eating shellfish is an abomination. It also states I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. (No exemptions are mentioned for Canadians.)

Men should have no contact with a woman while she’s in her “period of menstrual uncleanness” (I’ve found it’s not a good idea to ask them when that is – especially during an argument.)

Exodus sanctions selling daughters into slavery and insists people working on the Sabbath should be put to death. (I guess they had some REAL strong Unions then.)

There are many other knee-slappers in the Old Testament – but using selected parts of the Scriptures to bully people is not funny. And it’s a long, long way from holy.


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  2. Bill says:

    Actually, millions of Americans DO believe the bible is literal truth. Yes, some of them are stupid, but a larger number have deep psychological needs which are soothed by mindless adherence to dogma. Trying to reason with these people is futile.

  3. Paul says:

    That’s why they call it “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.

  4. Truly the most enjoyable reading I ever do is when a edjumicated authority is not afraid to use words I had to hide from my Mom. But the Bible has an exceptionally beautiful and fulfilling piece of guidance in it that you will never hear Jimmy Jack Jeremy Feelsallswell Swaggert say. No shit. Our town crier stands at the top step of our depression era granite Post Office steps with his eyes rolled back in his head screaming the Lords verses at us from time to time and it drove Charlie B. nuts when he did, as you could here the guy all over downtown. Being a nice person I carefully told Charlie the Bible verse that stumps all those force feeders of religion. Simply put in Proverbs it says, “GO YE NOT TO THE STREETCORNERS AND PREACH LIKE THE HIPPOCRITES BUT TAKE THYSELF INTO THINE OWN CORNER AND MAKE THY OWN PEACE WITH GOD.” I’m a N.Y. Yankee in the deep south and that throws all of those tongue talking saviours for a loop-because they really never read the bible at all, they just use it. The next time Charlie B. rode his bicycle downtown when our town crier was saving all of us at the top of his lungs Charlie B. howled back at him, “HEY YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER! DIDN’T YOU EVER READ THE THE BIBLE? IT SAYS SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” And in a crowded southern downtown durring a crowded rushing lunch hour no one blinked.

  5. paolo. says:

    Great story, Joseph! Thanks.


  6. Actually Paolo I’m not Gay, but my buddy from NYC that got AIDS before they new what is was, was. And he had 42 accreditted kills from a riverboat in Vietnam and was a featherweight boxer with 27 KO’s in his favor and 3 decisions in his favor. But he started getting sick and for three years never told me he was gay. My Spec. V in Vietnam crawled into a collapsing wooden building and pulled out a mans smoking body to get him a medevac and although he was technicly my boss I never knew he was until he just said to hell with it and passed out naked with the company clerk. I’m old, my testosterone level is lower than a womans, I’m growing tits and my nuts are shrivelling off and i don’t care what other people do to not feel alone in a world that even your cat has enough sense to know is scary. But I learned one thing well in Vietnam- you can only die once and you will, so transcend the bullshit, acept any freind you can find that will accept you, and get the union loving old yankees that have a retirement from their union, Social security, and are willing to work for nothing to help the non union employers of the south screw their employees out of here so folks that need a job can find one. Tighing is not mentioned as giving 10% of your earnings to a church in the bible. The Bible says leave the corners of your fields unharvested so the poor can eat. Translated to today-leave something for other people you ppompous greedy asswipes.

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