“All We Are Saying……”

I was standing at the bus stop today and a kid flashed me the peace sign. He was in a car at a red light and was probably only 8 or 9. When I returned the gesture, he excitedly turned to his friends and you could almost hear him say, ”YES… !” He quickly looked back at me and I smiled and nodded my head. He smiled back. The car began to move when the light turned green and I’m glad he couldn’t see me begin to tear up.

I’m not dumb. I know he just saw an old guy who looked like a hippy with long hair and big shades – and if you see an old guy who looks like a hippy and flash him the peace sign, chances are, he’ll return the gesture. Cool. To an 8-year old, it’s just a little more fun than counting red cars on a long Thruway trip.

But maybe – just maybe – someday he’ll remember the moment and wonder why? Why did hippies make peace signs – and what did they mean? And why in the world would an old hippy want to wave it to a kid 40-friggin’ years after the first big protests against the war in Vietnam?

Because, Kid – you’ve got to have a dream. And, like the song says, if you don’t have a dream – how you gonna have a dream come true?


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  1. The kids love us old guys that flash the peace sign out of years of habit. In Nam using the left hand meant you were stoned, the right hand-I guess meant you were out I don’t know I never had to use my right hand. Their folks would never tell them they used a peace sign. Good parents have to set good examples and not be buddies. Fact. The kids LOVE ROCK n ROLL. The REAL Rock n Roll. They are us. You just saw yourself in a mirror. My step grandson shook my hand last night and was happy. And we have fought like Dad and I. Before Dad heard some good music, and new he was looking in a mirror. And Benny Goodman ROCKS. Join the Tea Party and send a teabag to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20500- JUST DO IT. a Bi-Partisan protest from all America for all their shit. Espescailly giving unaccounted for billions of dollars to the fools that couldn’t handle their own money. We already don’t have jobs we don’t need to thank the assholes that took our houses.

  2. paolo. says:

    JAB-I: if you’re serious about the teabag thing, I will buy a box tomorrow and DO IT -promise. Real thing?

  3. It’s real, set for april 1

  4. paolo. says:

    Did a little research. The Protest is scheduled for April 15th (tax day).
    Variety of sources here:


    I like the fact the post office is already warning against it. The tea might destroy their machines – good!

  5. I helped put in the new mail processing lines at the Jacksinville General mail facility. If someones mail fell on the floor it was against the rules to pick it up and turn it in so peoples checks were scatterred all over, a dollar bill setup somewhere, and nazi one way mirrored observation posts in an overhead walkway to catch anyone touching anything on the floor, as if picking someones letter up to prevent destruction was planned theft. No wonder people go postal being spyed on secretly all the time and set up like that. Four of the construction workers new trucks were stolen from the unwatched parking lots out front because everyone knew security didn’t look outside. I got fired. Just HOW will a teabag mess up a mail line? OH! OH! It will make the guys watching the mail have to actually help do something. Like work for a living? My buddy still wants his truck back.

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