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Expensive, Forgettable Blather.

Business presentations are usually terrible wastes of time and money. If you take a lousy presentation and a dull presenter and then add Power Point, all you've got is a lousy, dull presentation that costs too much.

“The best presentations are given by real people — actual human beings — who confidently stand before audiences and deliver their ideas clearly, strongly, and with passion. If the more important presentation is delivered by electronics, the dull mope should just stay home.”

No Power Point?

“Electronic visual aids have a place in presentations: it's in the MIDDLE to help you explain points. But visual aids aren’t the presentation; they aren’t even the most important part of the presentation. And they certainly aren’t electronic excuses for lousy presenters. Audiences aren’t moved by glitzy arrows and bouncing color balls. They’re moved by strong, confident presenters who care passionately about the ideas they present.”

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