Puff the Magic Nipple

Puffy nipples occur when abnormally large mammary glands develop beneath oversize areolas.  When gynecomastia occurs in men, it’s largely undesirable and most often treated medically.  When it develops in women, there are some men who don’t like the look, some who think  it’s ‘OK’, and some who absolutely adore “puffies”!  Puffy nipples are not an indication of higher sexual stimulation.

Once past the 7-th grade, men should be attracted to the ‘total’ woman and not her individual body parts.


3 Responses to “Puff the Magic Nipple”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I have to disagree that puffies are not a indication of higher stimulation. I suppose I would have to add who the hell cares WHAT the woman thinks. If I were a fish and that was bait I’d drown.

  2. IKB60 says:

    “Once past the 7-th grade, men should be attracted to the ‘total’ woman and not her individual body parts.”

    That’s baloney. Men are attracted to parts of a woman, as they are parts of the whole. It’s fatuous to deny that men who indicate that they are attracted to a particular part are still children.

    The same thing could be said of women who spend time and money enhancing their physical appearance. Are they doing nothing to encourage men to behave more maturely than 7th grade, or what?

    For those who insist that its childish for the other sex to be primarily attracted by physical appearance, it might be true that they have that opinion because they feel themselves not physically attractive in the first place.

    When, in fact, to go beyond simple physical attraction towards commitment requires attention that encompasses everything.

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